4 key leadership skills to drive your digital transformation

Successfully driving a digital transformation at your organization requires rethinking your leadership talent. Innovative digital technologies like chatbots and AI that deliver real-time data insights are rapidly disrupting the way companies develop and sell their products or services. Organizations that stay ahead of this digital revolution will be the ones that capture higher profits [...]

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CEO Whisperer

Successful coaching involves working with – not against – an individual’s resistance. “Knowing is the easy part; saying it out loud is the hard part.” – Nicholas Evans, The Horse Whisperer The term “horse whisperer” was first associated with Daniel Sullivan, an Irish horse trainer who became famous for his ability to rehabilitate intractable [...]

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Forty-six and still not on the Board? Act fast or suffer consequences

I have many conversations inspired by this one brutal fact - most employees reach their peak income at forty five years old or shortly thereafter. For most, it is downhill from there. Why does this happen? Is it a foregone conclusion? What are the options for senior managers? My feeling is that our late [...]

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